Josh Mak Reveals Surprising Meaning of “Dancing Devil” Song

In an interview for London Prestige Josh Mak, the vocalist and guitarist of Cynation revealed that the “Dancing Devil” song is about the sexual attitudes of society that are shaped by objectifying women that feeds into the idea of “sex sells”.

Josh Mak decodes the hidden meaning of “Dancing Devil” single by Cynation, featuring Josh Mak (vocals and guitar), Simon Lai (guitar), Andrew Teo (bass) and Shah (guitar).

He explained:

“The girl on the cover of Dancing Devil represents women in society in general and the demon behind her represents the dark heart of society – the unspoken desires and temptations trying to overcome her. Yet she stands there in defiance of that, challenging it even. So really it’s her against that part of society and the demon submitting to her. 

Also, the term dancing devil is not a particular person or even reference to the girl. Dancing Devil is the temptation in the heart of men and the darkness in the hearts of men.  And when the lyrics say “Dance for me” it’s two things. On one hand it’s the men trying to take control over women, ordering them to do what he wants. And at the same time, the other thing about dancing devil is that temptation within him and by commanding her to dance for him, he’s trying to gain control over it.  

Dancing Devil by Cynation Cover (Artwork by Nick Le Blanc, Model: Tracey Leigh)

Dancing Devil is a song written about the adult entertainment industry, namely strippers. But it also explores society’s struggles with temptation. Being irrevocable drawn towards it yet never openly admitting to it in public. We often hear people make the comment: “sex sells.”

Yet we never ask the question: “who’s buying?” The song also depicts the deplorable attitude that many men have towards these women. Thinking that just because they are paying them, that they have the right to disrespect them.

Just before the solo, the line: “Listen up you mother fucker!” is uttered. This is the stripper rebuking society for the judgement that they have cast on her. The solo is a beautiful, albeit brief moment of redemption for her. And at the end unfortunately she continues her dance…

What we hope to achieve with this song and our music is to tell the stories that never get told. Thus giving a voice to those who don’t have one.

Our message with the dancing devil song is: Be brave, be who you want to be and never ashamed. Own your body and mind for it is yours and no one else’s.”

‘Dancing Devil’ Lyrics

By Cynation

Dancing devil pirouetting in my heart, tempting me with gold.
So many pretty ladies lining up the boulevard ready to bare their souls.

Take my money, honey baby give me a smile.
We’re gonna be wolves tonight
Let me hear you howl.

Dance little devil dance
Dance, dance for me

Got an itchy finger begging to be scratched, this might take an hour.
Give me a plastic angel strapped with crystal heels.
Girl I wanna taste your flower.

Take my money, honey baby give me a smile.
We’re gonna be wolves tonight
Let me hear you howl.

Dance little devil dance
Dance, dance for me


Andrew Teo, Simon Lai,  Josh Mak, and Shah (Cynation)


Released July 10, 2017
Written by Josh Mak, Simon Lai, Andrew Teo and Shah.
Drums by Bryan Ulric
Mixed by Jason Hawkins
Artwork by Nick Le Blanc
Model: Tracey Leigh

Buy the song on iTunes.

*Cover Photo: Josh Mak, Photo by ©Aaron MakEnigmatic Pictures


*Source: London Prestige Magazine 

Josh Mak Reveals Surprising Meaning of “Dancing Devil” Song



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