Cynation is an Australian rock band from Melbourne originating in Singapore. Its four members met in 1994 while in third grade. Since its formation in 1998, the band line-up has included Josh Mak (vocals and guitar), Simon Lai (guitar), Andrew Teo (bass) and in 2002 Shah (guitar) joined the band.

The band originally performed under the name “Cynical Annihilation” until 2016, when they changed it to “Cynation”.

In 2003, at only 17 years old, the members recorded their first demo, a three-track demo entitled A Prelude To Annihilation” at Lion Studios in Singapore. The 2004 album “Pandora’s Box” was produced by Focal Studios in Singapore under the former band name “Cynical Annihilation”, and it was released on iTunes on November 2016.

When the band recorded their first demo Mind’s Eye Records became interested in signing them for a record deal. Although a contract was offered to the band to record their debut album “Pandora’s Box”, the band turned down the deal and decided the make the album independently. In 2004 the band began working with Focal Studios to record their debut album “Pandora’s Box”.

The band’s strongest commercial success came between early 2004 and 2006, after which it temporary disbanded. During this time “Cynical Annihilation” (Cynation) was becoming a household name in Singapore in the underground Metal scene. The band enjoyed recognition, headlining in Ngee An Music Festival (2003), Singapore Metal Fest (2004, 2005), and Joie De Vivre Music Festival (2005), etc.

Cynation reformed in 2009 but did not start working on material again till 2016. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Josh Mak has written over 20 songs for the new album, including: “Bones on Parade”, “Dancing Devil,” which was released as a single, “Go Louie Go and “A Place Where The Snow Is Blind”.

Cynation enjoyed a successful reunion in 2016. In 2017 Cynation broadened their appeal in Australia with the release of their single “Dancing Devil”. “Dancing Devil” is recorded, mixed and produced by Jason Hawkins at Rock Hawk Studios in Melbourne, Australia. Dancing Devil was released on July 21, 2017 and debuted at the Top Rock hits on Collision Radio with DJ Cat in Ballarat, Victoria.

The band has had tremendous critical success with the hit single “Dancing Devil”. Cynation continued to be popular and in the spotlight, making the cover of prestigious international media. In 2017 Cynation is named “Best New Band” by NY Elite Magazine, “Breakout Band of 2017” by Hollywood World Magazine in Los Angeles and “Single of the Week” by London Prestige Magazine.

Currently Cynation is working on their new song “Go Louie Go” due for release end of September 2017. Cynation’s goal is to tour in Australia in August 2018, and an US tour beginning in New York planned for early 2019.

Cynation Band Members


Josh Mak

Vocalist and Guitarist

Born October 1985 in Singapore, singer, actor and musician Josh Mak learned to play the guitar at age 12. As a teenager, he became popular in Singapore performing in the underground metal scene with his band “Cynical Annihilation”. He hit it big in 2017 in Australia with his rock band under the new name “Cynation”…read Bio



1Simon Lai


Simon Lai is best known as guitarist for the popular rock band “Cynation” which he co-founded and as singer and writer of songs and instrumental music. He is also known for his acting role in Shin’s music video “One” and appeared in the Nescafé commercial…read Bio



_MG_1483Andrew Teo


Musician, bassist, and martial artist Andrew Teo was born on September 1985 in Singapore. Andrew Teo co-founded the band Cynation with Josh Mak, and Simon Lai in 1998. The group scored its first hit with the album “Pandora’s Box” and went on to become popular in the underground metal scene…read Bio





Born in Singapore in January 1977, guitaristsinger, and songwriter Shah started out a metal music enthusiast. He dreamed of playing in a Rock & Roll band early in his childhood. He started learning the guitar on his own at 13 years old. In 2002 Shah joined the group as guitarist…read Bio