Josh Mak

Born October 1985 in Singapore, singer, actor and musician Josh Mak learned to play the guitar at age 12. As a teenager, he became popular in Singapore performing in the underground metal scene with his band “Cynical Annihilation”. He hit it big in 2017 in Australia with his rock band under the new name “Cynation”.

Josh Mak is the son of Y.K. Mak (Program Manager, Asia Pacific) and Ling Fun Yin (housewife). He has two supportive younger siblings, Ashley and Aaron Mak, and a beautiful eight-year old daughter, Adriana. Josh attributes his inspiration and love for music to his grandfather Mak Wa Hong (a.k.a. Mak Siu Wai) and to the many years of listening to Guns n’ Roses, Skid Row, In Flames and Marilyn Manson. His parents had a direct influence by encouraging Josh to develop and improve his great voice and guitar skills. His grandfather was a famous Chinese opera actor and violinist, who toured with Bruce Lee’s dad as part of the Chinese Opera Troupe. Josh taught himself how to compose music and has created classical masterpieces.

In 2002 Josh graduated from St. Andrew’s High School in Singapore before moving to Melbourne, Australia in June 2006, and later attended the New Faces Talent Academy (NFTA) in Melbourne for acting and modeling.

While in school, Josh played hockey, roller hockey, basketball and enjoyed writing. He is the winner of the Creative Writing Awards competition. Josh Mak performed in the NFTA (New Faces Talent Academy) Showcase April 2017 in Melbourne and is the second-place winner in Commercial and third-place winner in Monologue, Modeling and Best Overall. Josh has been accepted to perform at the 2017 AUSCAAS (International Talent Showcase) at Crown Casino in December.

In 2004, Cynation released its first album “Pandora’s Box” under the former band name “Cynical Annihilation”, written by Josh Mak. Josh Mak continued to make a name for himself as a musician and a songwriter. Josh has written over 20 songs for the to be released new album.

In 2016 Josh reunited with his former bandmates Simon Lai and Shah, and bass player Andrew Teo to reform the band “Cynation”. The band released the new single “Dancing Devil” in July 2017. The song, sung by Josh Mak is described by London Prestige as “one of the greatest guitar riffs in rock”. The single debuted at the top rock hits in Collision Radio with DJ Cat, on Voice FM in Ballarat, Victoria, and on THRS Radio on the Armchair Headbanger’s Show.

In addition to his work with Cynation, Josh Mak is pursuing acting and modeling. Josh appeared in the short film “Coffee Run” directed by Aaron Mak and is also the actor, writer and co-director of “Pandora’s Box” trailer. He is represented by JR Management for acting and modelling.

Josh Mak’s ability to sing, act and play instruments has generated great international interest and acclaim in the artistic community.

Credits: Photography by Aaron Mak.


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